The Osa Foundation is committed to helping individuals from underserved communities achieve their full potential. We do this by investing in organizations that reflect the following values as they create Opportunities, offer targeted Support and improve Access to resources.                    

The Osa Foundation’s work is grounded in the following values:

  • Self-reliance: We value the dignity of hard work and consider self-reliance and sustainability to be the ultimate goal of our philanthropy.
  • Equity: We believe that every person should have access to the resources needed to pursue and achieve their goals.
  • Tolerance: We value and respect the diversity in our society.
  • Innovation: We value critical, original thinking and creative problem solving.
  • Integrity: We value honesty and transparency: accordingly we endeavor to conduct our work in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards.

We seek to support grantee organizations that embody these beliefs and values.

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Application Process

The Osa Foundation currently accepts grant proposals on an invitation only basis. Through a rigorous assessment process, we identify and select results-oriented organizations whose programs and infrastructure bring innovation, excellence and sustainability to bear in executing their mission. The Osa Foundation makes grant decisions on a rolling basis pursuant to its grantees’ preferred timeframes.

Upon invitation, please submit the following proposal materials electronically to Amy Sauer, Strategic Advisor, The Osa Foundation at

Narrative: (suggested length is 3 pages)

  • The purpose of your request, including description of the program, population served, and results to date
  • A specific description of the results that you intend to achieve with this grant and description of measurements or indicators you will use to gauge your impact, including targets.  If awarded a grant, you will be asked to report on these results at the end of the grant cycle.
  • Organization overview
    • Your mission, history of accomplishments and growth, strategic goals, and vision 
    • Summary of programs, population served, and track-record of impact

See Required Attachments here.

To learn more about when you will hear from us regarding your grant request submission, please click here.

Grant Reporting

All grantees are asked to submit a grant report at the end of the grant period.  Your grant award letter will indicate the suggested timeframe for submitting your report. The grant report shall include a discussion of your accomplishments for the grant period compared to the stated goals and targets that you previously laid out in your proposal.  Please also share lessons learned and an identification of where you fell short of your goals or identified areas for improvement or opportunity.  The suggested length is two pages.

Our Current Grantees:


Education Innovation:

Cather Elementary (ThinkCERCA Implementation)

Educators 4 Excellence Chicago

Intrinsic Schools

John Palmer Elementary School (ThinkCERCA Implementation)

LEAP Innovations

The Chicago Public Education Fund

UChicago Consortium on School Research


Grantee Blogs

We are honored to highlight blogs written by our grantees. We invite you to read how they are making an impact. We look forward to showcasing recent blogs from other grantees each month. 

Featured Blog


Braven | June 2018


For the past year, six Braven Post-Accelerator Fellows from San Jose State University (SJSU) and Rutgers-Newark (RU-N) served on the Design Advisory Board to help the Braven team continually improve programming. Each Design Advisor took on a new project each month, and the entire Board came together virtually once a month to discuss their findings. A few Braven Design Advisors reflect on their experience here:

  The Chicago Public Education Fund |   May 2018

The Chicago Public Education Fund | May 2018

Being Intentional about Hiring Great Teachers

Most school leaders would say that high-quality teachers are hard to find – but Manda isn’t your typical school leader. “I have a tremendous staff,” says Manda Lukic, principal of Daniel Beard Elementary School in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. “I’m so proud because staffing has been a very intentional development.”

  Healthy Schools Campaign |   May 2018

Healthy Schools Campaign | May 2018

Supporting Student Health + Wellness with Space to Grow

    Gunsaulus Elementary School on Chicago’s southwest side is on a mission to be certified a healthy school by Chicago Public Schools (CPS), says Assistant Principal Maricela Torres. The Space to Grow program is helping the school on this transform schoolyards by adding athletic fields, playground equipment, edible gardens, natural elements and green stormwater infrastructure that helps reduce neighborhood flooding.


      Educators for Excellence |   May 2018

    Educators for Excellence | May 2018

    Bringing Personalized Learning Through Shared Personal Experiences

    In this conversation with E4E-Chicago Outreach Director Ali Fendrick, Elva Guzman discusses how her shared background with her students leads to strong connections with her students and she also shares her passion for personalized learning.

      ThinkCerca* |   April 2018

    ThinkCerca* | April 2018

    5 Questions to Spur Critical Thinking in the Classroom

    Help students establish the skills to critically assess information throughout their lives.

    In every core subject, there are opportunities to practice analytical skills. Students can strengthen their abilities to evaluate information through discussions, questions, and experiments that are relevant to lesson topics.

    *ThinkCERCA is an online literacy instruction platform. The Osa Foundation provides grants to individual Chicago public schools to implement ThinkCERCA in their classrooms.

      OneGoal Chicago |    May 2018

    OneGoal Chicago |  May 2018


    OneGoal has called Chicago home since its founding in 2007 and has seen its impact on the city increase throughout the years to now serving 5,300 Fellows across 84 schools. This type of reach could not be possible without the trust and support from Chicago’s high school principals, who deeply care about seeing their students graduate from their schools and go on and earn college degrees.

    OneGoal honored these principals at OneGoal-Chicago’s annual School Leaders Appreciation Breakfast. Here is what they had to say.

      Genesys Works Chicago |   May 2018                                

    Genesys Works Chicago | May 2018                                

    Connecting Employers with Talent

    From senior executives to daily supervisors, corporate partners like TransUnion offer more than just exposure to the corporate world. They foster the skills and confidence to succeed in a professional setting. The relationship between Supervisor Grace Pawula and intern Jennifer Romero (Class of 2014) is a shining example.

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